Scott Hupertz Photography

About Me

i'm just some guy.  i am a scientist/artist (for lack of a better term).  i love to disect the minutia of life and repackage it in ways that force others to feel and think as i do.  i have been involved in some form of artistic expression for most of my life, but i decided to pursue a degree in chemistry.  i graduated with honors, but early in my career i realized that the only useful knowledge that i had the ability to derive from my education is that it makes absolutely no difference how much knowledge or ability you have.  all that matters in this world is how you behave in public.  unfortunately, i learned long ago that i am completely devoid of the ability to form a true connection to another individual or humanity as a whole.  armed with this knowledge, i realized that it was futile to behave in such a way that begged the acceptance of others.  therefore, i suffer from a perennial urge to force those who do most of their thinking under the shelter of the bell curve, to consider their own futility.  this makes me palatable in small doses only and unfit for public consumption.  unemployment being the ultimate catalyst of creativity, i returned to art.  it wasn't until i picked up a camera that i was able to form what i would consider a coherent message.   i am rabidly egocentric and eternally lonely.  my vision is one of isolation.  my goal is to evoke feelings that will momentarily bring people to a state of solitude that they may begin to think without the constraints of social control.  i can't say what thoughts may come.  but, they certainly will not be those of the trivialities of our modern popculture/iphone life.  step away from the